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   Library is a member of VTU consortia and provides IP based access to more than 8600 e-journals on various disciplines of engineering and management. e-Resources can be accessed throughout the campus. Library also has eight PCs exclusively for browsing e-resources. To get access to desired information one can click on any one or more URLs listed below.

  E-Journals      E-Portal
IEL Online (IEEE)
273 Journals*
ASCE e-Journal package
35 journals + backfile up to 1983
Elsevier – Science Direct (Engineering + Computer Science)
275 jl. + backfiles since 2000
680 e-Journals
Taylor & Francis
535 e-Journals
ProQuest - (Engieering + Management )
Engieering 3900 e-Journals + Management 2900 e-Journals
Knimbus Digital Library

Knimbus Remote Access Solutions

   You can also access to following Open access or free e-Resources available through Internet.

  E-Journals   E-Portal
Directory of Open Access Journals
Indian Academy of sciences
NISCAIR (National Institute of Science Communication & Information Resources) e-Journals

E-Journals Copyright Rules

* The e-Resources are licensed for the non-profit educational use of the Institute. Copyright law governs use of these e-Resources.

* Users should respect copyright law and the library is not responsible for any legal consequences arising due to copyright violation.

* Systematic downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions. Forwarding electronic versions of articles or the use of electronic articles for commercial purposes.download entire journal issue or databases or an entire e-book, are strictly prohibited

 Why should we not do the above things?

  • Improper use can result in denial of access for the whole Institute to all electronic journals from a given publisher. Access to e-Resources is based on license agreements with publishers.
  • Library users are permitted to make digital copies of individual documents, that is, to download an individual document temporarily to their own hard disc for non-commercial purposes only.
  • Under the terms of use it neither permits forwarding electronic versions of articles nor the use of electronic articles for commercial purposes.
  • Publishers keep track of patterns of use and where the publishers suspect misuse in the form of systematic downloading (eg. more than one article from an issue, continuous downloading from a particular journal etc.) they will cut off access requiring Library to investigate and take action on those who have misused the e-Resources.
  • There have been instances where publishers have withdrawn access to their online resources to the entire Institute. This prevents access by the majority of responsible users to information needed for their research and learning. It becomes obligatory on the library’s part to investigate such misuses and report the same to the publishers.

Takes longer time to get the access restored and convince the publisher that re-occurrence of such misuses will be stopped.